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Who Are We 

Gamze Bahadır is a woman who started working in a manufacturing company in the retail sector after studying industrial engineering. Although she did not have bad corporate experiences, unlike the majority, she realized that she wanted to do her own business after 12 years and set sail from corporate life to entrepreneurship.

​In Datça, Cru Organics produces 100% natural, sustainable, ecological skin care products and candles with the creative intelligence and aesthetic perception of Turkish women, taking advantage of the undiscovered or unappreciated resources of our country. At the same time, she manages social responsibility projects to encourage and support the women around her.

After graduating from Ege University, Department of International Relations, Yiğit Bahadır worked in the field of planning in the automotive industry for about 3 years. Afterwards, he worked in one of the most important companies of Turkey in the fast moving consumer sector for a total of 8 years. 


Now, pursuing his dreams, he settled in Datça and joined Cru Organics.

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